A tale of two paths

A tale of two paths was a group project assigned during my first semester of second year Computer Games Development, for a Game Design module. It was undertaken in collaboration with fellow student Cian Woods.

The project consisted of several phases beginning with an elevator pitch concept for the creation up to fully implementable playable mod for Bethesda’s Skyrim or Oblivion. My Elevator pitch was one of the select few chosen to be assigned to groups and put into development. We chose to use Skyrim as our target for implementation.

I was team leader and handled story/quest design on the project while level design and scripting/modelling was a shared venture. The project was our only true game design oriented module to date which drove me on in this venture as game design is a passion of mine.

You can view the full write up I created for the project below along with a video showing the teams work within the construction kit. Unfortunately a playable demo of the game is not available at the present time.

Write up